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Are you planning to remodel your offices?

Remodelling office space can be a very frustrating experience. Properly planning the work that needs to be done can prevent it from having any negative impact on your day-to-day operations.

There may be several aspects to the renovations you’re undertaking: repainting walls, replacing floors, expanding the premises, installing new furnishings, etc. 

Here are a few tips to make sure your project goes as smoothly as it possibly can:

Confer with Your Employees

Start by talking about the renovation project to your employees. Are you remodelling to improve the workspace’s layout, to update the technology you’re using or to create extra space? We’re all influenced by our immediate surroundings. Employees are more likely to devise workarounds while the renovation work is ongoing when they feel involved in the process and when they know what its ultimate goal is. They may also have some interesting ideas to share on how to improve your concept. A renovation project is successful when it facilitates work in a more pleasant environment.   

Make Sure Your Temporary Offices Are Comfortable

During the renovations, make your temporary offices comfortable with a straightforward layout and adequate lighting. Try to leave the premises as unencumbered as possible and provide each employee with enough space to work in. Nowadays, most businesses cannot function without working computers, so plan ahead and make sure that any changes being made to hardware or software are at the top of your list of priorities. Also figure out how to reduce your employees’ exposure to the noise of the construction while they’re working.

Seize the Opportunity to Do Some Cleaning & to File Documents

Sort out your furnishings and throw out all the out-of-date documents you’ve amassed over the years. You might also consider incorporating a records room in the design for your remodelled premises, since it’ll help you keep the rest of the workspace neater and uncluttered.

Keep Other Options in Mind

You can encourage employees to work remotely during the renovations, or you can try to get the work done during your business’s low season. You can also schedule the remodelling during the summer when your employees are on holiday.

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