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Are you lacking the space for a records room?

Though digital documents have increasingly become the norm, paper documents are still sometimes required. In accounting, for instance, certain documents—such as invoices and cheques—still need to be printed on paper. Various laws also regulate how long different types of documents must be kept: certain documents have to be stored for specific periods of time for taxation, auditing or other legal purposes. 

Make sure your records are kept in clearly labeled boxes, organized by year.

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Call us or fill out our online form. Our team can advise you on a storage solution that will meet your needs. We offer spaces from 25 to 200 square feet.

1215 Mini-Entrepôts is the largest mini-warehouse company on the South Shore of Montreal. Prices starting at $ 50 per month are very competitive. Our facilities are equipped with a modern security system with high-end cameras. Access by magnetic card system ensures secure access to your belongings; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our storage spaces are heated and pest free.

Discover the advantages of storing your records in a self storage unit with 1215Mini-Entrepôts!