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You’re a Student & Need to Go Home at the End of the Term?

Your life as a student is full of major challenges. You have to attend class, study, write essays, cram for exams, work on weekends and find an hour here or there to go to the gym…

Whether you’re living on campus or renting a room nearby, leasing a storage unit can sometimes solve lots of problems. Putting all your belongings away (your books, chair, desk, bookcase, bar fridge, clothes, etc.) in a self-storage unit at the end of the semester in May, and retrieving them in August can make your life a lot simpler, especially if you live far from where you’re studying. The same applies if you’re going to study abroad or doing an internship overseas. Knowing your belongings are safely stored and that you’ll be able to retrieve them when you return will give you enough peace of mind to focus on more important things.

Your dorm room may be small and you may have to share it. You have enough space to sleep, but not much room for anything else you do during the day.

Here are some ideas to help you maximize the space you do have.

Get a Loft Bed
One way of maximizing your space is getting a loft bed. You might want to consider this if you don’t particularly like lying on your bed to study. You’ll be able to fit a large desk under your bed, and only climb up to the loft to sleep.

Raise Your Bed
Maximize vertical space by building a base that raises your bed off the floor so you can store a bunch of things under it. It’s surprising how much storage space you’ll gain by raising your bed just a few inches. If you get storage trays on casters, you’ll have enough extra space to put away all sorts of things—clothes, books, dry goods...

Get a Headboard Storage Unit
A headboard that’s also a shelving unit will provide space for books and plenty of other things too.

Use Poles or Rods
You can also get extendable rods or telescopic poles. Use these inexpensive implements inside your closets to hang clothes and shoe organizers.

Create Space for Your Books
You don’t have enough space for an actual bookcase? Why not install floating shelves on the wall all the way up to where they almost reach the ceiling.

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Call us or fill out our online questionnaire. Our team can recommend solutions so you can store everything that doesn’t fit into your new shared home. We have units ranging in size from 25 to 200 square feet.

1215 Mini-Entrepôts is the biggest self-storage facility on the South Shore of Montreal. We offer very competitive rates, starting at just $50 a month. Our facilities are equipped with a hi-tech security system and state-of-the-art surveillance cameras. With your key card, you can safely access your belongings around the clock, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Our storage facilities are heated and pest-free.

Discover the advantages of storing your furniture in a self storage unit with 1215Mini-Entrepôts!